Mirror mirror on the wall....

Posted By: Kristi

I know you have all probably seen this many times, the paint an ugly mirror and make it all pretty trick. Well, it is not so much a trick, but you get what I'm sayin, right?

I started out with this hideous mirror (sorry, I accidentally deleted the picture that had the mirror in it still). YUCK! It was the queen of ugly but for only $2, I knew I could transform it.

I unscrewed the mirror, removed it and cleaned up the frame.

I bought spray paint at the craft store when it was on sale and slowly sprayed the mirror. When spraying something, remember the key is even brush strokes and to let it dry in between coverages. It will take a while but the finished results will be so much better than if you rush it.

Notice the mirror barely shows any coverage? This is because I did very light, even coats.

Here are after shots:

It look about 6 coats for the finished product. I am not sure if I am really loving the color but it is better than it was. What color do you think would be better? Do you have any spraying tips to share?

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