Birthday Banner

Posted By: Kristi

I have another Silhouette project to share! Lou's Birthday banner is almost done, and of course shaped as fishes since this is a water party! = )

Corn on the Cob

Posted By:  Stephanie

Hello and happy Tuesday to all of you!  I'm sure many of you are back at work today after a long weekend wishing it never had to end!  We had a great time celebrating Memorial Day and spending lots of time with family and friends.  I wanted to share this particular BBQ day with you for a specific reason, the corn on the cob.  Oh my, this guy below (Derek) really knows how to BBQ and taught us a new trick for eating our corn.

Before I let you in on that secret (which you may already know but all of us at the BBQ had NO idea)  I have to show you these boys.  Look at how much fun they had playing together in the mud.  Now that is what memories are made of!

Alright all you need to do is BBQ the corn.  Derek did this by putting the corn on the BBQ with the husk still on.  Once it was ready he peeled it back and put some mayonnaise and parmesan cheese on the corn.  Seriously, magic people!  You have to try it this summer during your next get together.  You'll be famous with your friends.

As you can see, I was enjoying every bite.  I think it's funny how you can see my belly sticking out the bottom too.  Lelo is getting to be a big girl!  Less then 12 weeks until our due date, time is flying by.

Please tell us, what do you put on your corn on the cob?

Wedding - Hangover Kits

Posted By: Kristi

Because we had a destination wedding, we thought it would be nice to put together welcome bags for each cabin (we went on a week long cruise). Included in each welcome bag was a hangover kit.

In my opinion, welcome bags aren't too expensive and really add a special touch. I will find more pictures to show you what we included in each bag, but for now, here are details about the hangover kits.

I put everything into small cellophane bags and cut out the emergency cross from my Silhouette. As you can tell from my current posts, my Silhouette machine has been getting a ton of use lately.  Next, I searched online and went to the Dollar tree to find things to add to the bags. Here is what we included:

Cough Drops - Dollar Tree
Alka Seltzer - Amazon
Ear Plugs - Amazon
Moist Wipes - Dollar Tree
Advil - Advil
Band Aids - Dollar Tree
Electro Mix - Amazon

They really came in handy, even for other reasons, non-hangover related.

I think I am almost done talking about the wedding. Maybe just a few more wedding related posts.; )

Elmo Invites

Posted By: Kristi

I told you I would give you step by step details of how I made the Elmo/Water party invites, so here I go...

It started with my inspiration, I found it here.

Lou loves water so early on Steph and I decided her Birthday needed to be a water theme, naturally. Well, recently Elmo came into Lou's life and she decided she needed to have an Elmo party. UH-OH. Problem was quickly solved when we decided to have a water party with a little Elmo on the side. ; )

When I found this Elmo invite online I realized I could change it up a bit to really work the way we had pictured. That is when I came up with this:

I took out my Silhouette and started cutting out my shapes and slowly piecing the invite together.

The only thing that really took very long was making a lot of them. The invitation itself was easy to piece together!

More party stuff to share soon!

Birthday Invites

Posted By: Kristi

Finally, I have pictures of Lou's Birthday invites to share. I blurred out the personal details so they don't look as great as they do in real life, but you get the gist, right? ; )

I will share step by step details soon! Good night everyone!

Lou's Birthday - Decorations

Posted By: Kristi

Birthday invitations are done and ready to be mailed out! I will post pictures soon, I just need to edit out the address, etc. and it is a pain. = )

I am also working on decorations for the party and thought I would give a little sneak peek. I have been making everything on my Silhouette machine, I LOVE my Silhouette (the machine, that is ; )

This Birthday theme has been a lot of fun to work with!

Lou's Birthday Preparation

Posted By: Kristi

Little Miss Lou is turning two next month and Steph and I are busy planning her Birthday party, mostly Steph, of course. Because June is nice and warm Steph decided that she wanted to have water activities for the kids. She is going to have little pools outside and there will be a couple of other fun water things going on. Lou also is REALLY loving Elmo right now so Elmo will definitely have to make an appearance somewhere, maybe as part of the decor.

Since water is a huge part of the party it is also part of the theme. We are working on getting things ready and will show you along the way. Here are some of our inspiration pictures.



We are working on some projects now and will show you soon! This is going to be a lot of fun!

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