Getting stuff done!

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I know I have mentioned a few times, I am getting married in April! WOOHOO! I am super excited but have also suddenly gotten super busy preparing. I am DIY all the invitations and I am getting pretty detailed on them. I will share the details soon. We are having a destination wedding so we have decided that once we return, we will have a reception/open house at our home for everyone who couldn't join us. This week I was working on the Save the Dates for that event.

This picture didn't turn out too well (I am still learning how to use my camera) but you get point, right? The true colors are much more vibrant. I wanted it to look like a postcard, you know how I like to roll....easy and fun. ; )

I have a bunch more DIY wedding stuff coming up and I will be sharing it all. For those of you who don't care about all this wedding talk, only a few more months! ; )

Craft Room

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My craft room is coming together, here is a sneak peak!

I am hoping next week I will be able to show you the entire room. I am LOVING it!


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I know Christmas was a while ago now but I have decided that throughout the year I am going to do a few Christmas DIY projects to get ready for next Christmas. I always have so many ideas but by the time the season is here, I am too busy to see many of my ideas through.

The year I had my first tree I bought a ton of cheapo ornaments to fill the tree. They had no meaning to me and were super inexpensive but they worked. Now, we have added to our collection and have a lot of ornaments that have meaning to us; we have enough now that we can even fill two trees. I decided it was time to clean out my ornaments and get rid of the ones I don’t like to put on the tree anymore.  While doing this I had the idea to give a few of them a little makeover, you could easily make some of these for an ornament exchange or as gifts.

I used the same punch that I used when I made my wreath. I punched out of an old newspaper that we around. 

This would also be cool if you used an old book, wedding vows or a shower invite and added the ornament to the top of a wedding gift. Or you could use the newspaper from the day a baby is born and add it to the baby shower gift. There are all sorts of possibilities. I also thought about printing out our favorite Christmas song but the book was right next to me and part of me was being extremely lazy.

Starting at the bottom of the ornament, glue on the cut out pieces. I used a glue gun. 

Continue around the ornament all the way to the top. Easy Peasy, it’s as simple as that! If you wanted you could also add glitter or ribbon to it to add a little bling. I was liking this look so I kept it as is.

HAHA! I just noticed that the article I used must have been about a crime scene, oops! I will have to try this again with something a little more pleasant, maybe Christmas carols?

It was fun, fast and easy. A great way to change up an old ornament!

We're Expecting!

Posted By:  Stephanie

 (The baby looks like a wrapped up piece of candy because the doctor printed the picture in the smallest mode where she was doing the measurements.  That is what the little V looking things at the end are for.)

Surprise!  As you can see from above, Will and I are expecting baby # 2!  Our baby is due in August around the 18th which makes me just over 9 weeks pregnant.  We are SO excited and can't wait for Little Lou to have a friend to play with as they get older.

Kristi mentioned I've been busy with other things.  This is true, THROWING UP!  I've been extremely sick but I'm hoping that will die down soon.  When I was pregnant with Lou I was sick through the entire pregnancy but I'm hoping that wont be the case this time.  I did ask the doctor why it is that I have been more sick in the beginning this time then I was with Lou and I was told that if you're sick while pregnant a lot of times it gets worse with each pregnancy.  Uh oh!  Lets hope that isn't the case, we might want another one some day!

Anyway, I'm trying to dig myself out of my sickness hole I've been living in and hope to bring you all kinds of fun updates through the pregnancy as well as other projects, recipes, Toddler Tuesdays and more.

I hope you are all doing well and you're staying warm.  (It's snowing at my house right now, yippee!!!)


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Target has recently received new inventory and I am lovin it all! I had to share, so that you could get there and check it out for yourself before it is gone.

Isn't that ceramic horse head awesome? It is a pretty good size and for only $24! I am thinking this needs to be on the gift to buy for myself list. If we weren't saving for our wedding it would be in our house already.


I collect milk glass so of course these pretty little lamps caught my eye. And the shade, beauuuutiful!

These would be great at the end of our bed.

Hmmmm, maybe I need to play the lottery this week! ; )

High Tea

Posted By: Kristi

As you know, we slacked on blogging during the Holidays. We were enjoying a variety of activities with family and friends, many that we have not shared with you because of our blogging hiatus. Now that we are back, it is sharing time! = )
One of my best friend’s Birthday is on December 21st. This year, Celeste decided that she would like to celebrate at the Heathman Hotel at their annual high tea party. Every year, the Heathman Hotel hosts a holiday high tea party during the Holidays, tickets range between $14-$32 per person. 

High tea happens three times daily in the exclusive Heathman Tea Court. You enjoy a traditional English meal that dates back to the 1600’s.  Typically High Tea is a mid afternoon to early evening meal with cakes, meats, and cheeses. It was called High tea because many would have the tea on taller chairs and tables and therefore, the tea would be “high” from the ground. This is what the Heathman website says about the tea:
The historic Tea Court Lounge, an original feature of the hotel, blends Eucalyptus-paneled walls with a marble fireplace and an Austrian hand-cut chandelier. The firelight and warm colors provide an intimate atmosphere for cocktails, light dining or afternoon tea. Live jazz music is performed Wednesday through Saturday night with no cover charge.

The tea menu offers traditional Afternoon Tea ($32.00) and Peter Rabbit Tea for Little Sippers ($14.00). The tea menu, created by pastry chef John Gayer, includes Smoked Salmon Napoleon, Paté Maison, John’s Famous Lanai Banana Bread, and Parisian Opera Cake, along with a wide selection of teas from Fonte Coffee and Tea Company, a Northwest micro roaster based in Seattle. The children’s tea menu sports the whimsical Ants on a Log with celery, peanut butter and raisins, as well as Snikerdoodle, Devil’s Food Chocolate Cupcake and Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich. Advanced reservations are required.

Once we were seated we were given a menu with a selection of teas. We each chose our favorite and had our own pot in front of us. As we sipped our tea, we snacked on cucumber sandwiches, cheese, and some of my other favorites, including amazing deserts. There was more than enough for each of us to leave with satisfied belly’s. 

Celeste even came up with the fun idea of us each wearing a vintage hat to the tea. I LOVED IT! We took some fun pictures and enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere. Surprisingly, I saw a couple others with vintage hats and even beautiful party dresses. The children that attended were on their best behavior and dressed in their Sunday best.

It was a great experience and is fun for all ages.  I am hoping to make this an annual girls event and can’t wait to return next year. I am thinking it would even by fun to host a tea party in my home! Wouldn't a tea party be fun for a shower?

Heathman Hotel
Neighborhood: Southwest Portland – Downtown
1001 SW Broadway 
Portland, OR 97205

Happy New Year!

Posted By: Kristi


I hope you all enjoyed the nice long weekend. I enjoyed every minute, I relaxed…a lot! I also took time to organize my craft room, study for a test I have coming up and completed a couple of projects.

I am finally figuring out my preferred home décor style and am excited and having fun executing my vision. I have decided for our living room I want a rustic/elegant feel. I have had these antique vintage wood knitting spindles for a few months and have known I wanted them in our living room but wasn’t sure where I would put them so they have just been sitting in my craft room. 

I finally decided to display them in a large glass apothecary jar but I knew they needed a little something to make them stand out a little more. I pulled out my black and white thread (I am mostly decorating in black, brown and white in this room) and randomly covered the spindles. I put a little glue on top of the thread, that way it could easily be removed if I ever got sick of it. I left a few of them as is, without thread. I like mixing it up a bit. For now, I really like it. I was also thinking about adding moss to the bottom of the jar. What do you think, moss or no moss?

I am still having a hard time deciding on a desk. I had thought I knew what I wanted but it just doesn’t feel like “the one” yet. What’s a girl to do? ; )

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