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Posted By:  Stephanie

We are so excited to announce that we are having a GIRL!!!  Although we would have been happy either way I'm really looking forward to Little Lou having a sister to grow up with just like I did (I was lucky to have 2 sisters).

Because of not wanting to disclose her real name to the entire net, although if I knew it was just you awesome trusty readers I would post our kids name in a flash, we're blurring out the name that we announced to our family on ultrasound day.  Kristi had the awesome idea of writing Hi my name is ______ on a shirt so once everyone arrived I was able to go up the stairs and show everyone at once.

 Her nickname is Lelo (pronounced Lee-Low)

I'm so lucky to have an awesome sister/kids auntie/god mother to our girls who would throw us a party on the night we had our ultrasound.  She made a super yummy dinner (posted previously), and even decorated with a super cute colorful banner just for fun.  Thank you so much Bubba, we love you!

Our sweet baby is scheduled to arrive some time around August 18th.  We are all looking forward to meeting our new addition.  Life is so great!

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