Quick Fix

Posted By: Kristi

Am I the only one who gets tired of their kitchen towels slipping off of the oven handle onto the floor? I am a laid back person but I admit, this drives me CRAZY. I came up with a quick fix and so far, it is working beautifully!

I chose a few of my favorite kitchen towels and only upgraded them for now. I wanted to make sure this was a fix I was going to like before going DIY nutty.

1. You will need a kitchen towel and velcro. I purchased the velcro (Fabric Fusion) below. I found it at Michaels, unfortunately I can't remember how much I paid for it.

2. You will iron on the velcro on opposite sides of the towel so that when you are done, you can velcro it together and it will be tubular.

3. That's it! Place it on your oven and enjoy the fact that it will be where you left it!

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