Happy New Year!

Posted By: Kristi


I hope you all enjoyed the nice long weekend. I enjoyed every minute, I relaxed…a lot! I also took time to organize my craft room, study for a test I have coming up and completed a couple of projects.

I am finally figuring out my preferred home décor style and am excited and having fun executing my vision. I have decided for our living room I want a rustic/elegant feel. I have had these antique vintage wood knitting spindles for a few months and have known I wanted them in our living room but wasn’t sure where I would put them so they have just been sitting in my craft room. 

I finally decided to display them in a large glass apothecary jar but I knew they needed a little something to make them stand out a little more. I pulled out my black and white thread (I am mostly decorating in black, brown and white in this room) and randomly covered the spindles. I put a little glue on top of the thread, that way it could easily be removed if I ever got sick of it. I left a few of them as is, without thread. I like mixing it up a bit. For now, I really like it. I was also thinking about adding moss to the bottom of the jar. What do you think, moss or no moss?

I am still having a hard time deciding on a desk. I had thought I knew what I wanted but it just doesn’t feel like “the one” yet. What’s a girl to do? ; )

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