We're Expecting!

Posted By:  Stephanie

 (The baby looks like a wrapped up piece of candy because the doctor printed the picture in the smallest mode where she was doing the measurements.  That is what the little V looking things at the end are for.)

Surprise!  As you can see from above, Will and I are expecting baby # 2!  Our baby is due in August around the 18th which makes me just over 9 weeks pregnant.  We are SO excited and can't wait for Little Lou to have a friend to play with as they get older.

Kristi mentioned I've been busy with other things.  This is true, THROWING UP!  I've been extremely sick but I'm hoping that will die down soon.  When I was pregnant with Lou I was sick through the entire pregnancy but I'm hoping that wont be the case this time.  I did ask the doctor why it is that I have been more sick in the beginning this time then I was with Lou and I was told that if you're sick while pregnant a lot of times it gets worse with each pregnancy.  Uh oh!  Lets hope that isn't the case, we might want another one some day!

Anyway, I'm trying to dig myself out of my sickness hole I've been living in and hope to bring you all kinds of fun updates through the pregnancy as well as other projects, recipes, Toddler Tuesdays and more.

I hope you are all doing well and you're staying warm.  (It's snowing at my house right now, yippee!!!)


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  2. I hope your morning sickness goes away soon...I really love how the baby looks like a little piece of candy!

    I just started a new beauty/fashion blog and would love if you would follow me!


  3. Congrats!!! Bummer up the puking. I was told it gets easier with each pregnancy, which goes to show that every woman is different:)

  4. AHH! SO SO SO exciting!! My sister in law has had the worst experience with mroning sickness but after years and years of trying I keep reminding her that feeling so sick will be totally worth it in a few months! She finally stareted feeling like herself last week (at 16 weeks!) Good luck!

  5. wooohoo! Congratulations! I just found your blog, and this post made me so happy! Hope your morning sickness feels better soon!!!


  6. Thank you ladies! We are super excited, even if being sick the entire time is in the cards for me it doesn't take away from how much I look forward to eventually getting to hold this little baby in my arms!


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