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I know Christmas was a while ago now but I have decided that throughout the year I am going to do a few Christmas DIY projects to get ready for next Christmas. I always have so many ideas but by the time the season is here, I am too busy to see many of my ideas through.

The year I had my first tree I bought a ton of cheapo ornaments to fill the tree. They had no meaning to me and were super inexpensive but they worked. Now, we have added to our collection and have a lot of ornaments that have meaning to us; we have enough now that we can even fill two trees. I decided it was time to clean out my ornaments and get rid of the ones I don’t like to put on the tree anymore.  While doing this I had the idea to give a few of them a little makeover, you could easily make some of these for an ornament exchange or as gifts.

I used the same punch that I used when I made my wreath. I punched out of an old newspaper that we around. 

This would also be cool if you used an old book, wedding vows or a shower invite and added the ornament to the top of a wedding gift. Or you could use the newspaper from the day a baby is born and add it to the baby shower gift. There are all sorts of possibilities. I also thought about printing out our favorite Christmas song but the book was right next to me and part of me was being extremely lazy.

Starting at the bottom of the ornament, glue on the cut out pieces. I used a glue gun. 

Continue around the ornament all the way to the top. Easy Peasy, it’s as simple as that! If you wanted you could also add glitter or ribbon to it to add a little bling. I was liking this look so I kept it as is.

HAHA! I just noticed that the article I used must have been about a crime scene, oops! I will have to try this again with something a little more pleasant, maybe Christmas carols?

It was fun, fast and easy. A great way to change up an old ornament!

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  1. That is awesome...You are so dang creative! I think this would look nice with music sheets too.

    Modern Modest Beauty


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