Elmo Invites

Posted By: Kristi

I told you I would give you step by step details of how I made the Elmo/Water party invites, so here I go...

It started with my inspiration, I found it here.

Lou loves water so early on Steph and I decided her Birthday needed to be a water theme, naturally. Well, recently Elmo came into Lou's life and she decided she needed to have an Elmo party. UH-OH. Problem was quickly solved when we decided to have a water party with a little Elmo on the side. ; )

When I found this Elmo invite online I realized I could change it up a bit to really work the way we had pictured. That is when I came up with this:

I took out my Silhouette and started cutting out my shapes and slowly piecing the invite together.

The only thing that really took very long was making a lot of them. The invitation itself was easy to piece together!

More party stuff to share soon!

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