Wedding - Hangover Kits

Posted By: Kristi

Because we had a destination wedding, we thought it would be nice to put together welcome bags for each cabin (we went on a week long cruise). Included in each welcome bag was a hangover kit.

In my opinion, welcome bags aren't too expensive and really add a special touch. I will find more pictures to show you what we included in each bag, but for now, here are details about the hangover kits.

I put everything into small cellophane bags and cut out the emergency cross from my Silhouette. As you can tell from my current posts, my Silhouette machine has been getting a ton of use lately.  Next, I searched online and went to the Dollar tree to find things to add to the bags. Here is what we included:

Cough Drops - Dollar Tree
Alka Seltzer - Amazon
Ear Plugs - Amazon
Moist Wipes - Dollar Tree
Advil - Advil
Band Aids - Dollar Tree
Electro Mix - Amazon

They really came in handy, even for other reasons, non-hangover related.

I think I am almost done talking about the wedding. Maybe just a few more wedding related posts.; )


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