Corn on the Cob

Posted By:  Stephanie

Hello and happy Tuesday to all of you!  I'm sure many of you are back at work today after a long weekend wishing it never had to end!  We had a great time celebrating Memorial Day and spending lots of time with family and friends.  I wanted to share this particular BBQ day with you for a specific reason, the corn on the cob.  Oh my, this guy below (Derek) really knows how to BBQ and taught us a new trick for eating our corn.

Before I let you in on that secret (which you may already know but all of us at the BBQ had NO idea)  I have to show you these boys.  Look at how much fun they had playing together in the mud.  Now that is what memories are made of!

Alright all you need to do is BBQ the corn.  Derek did this by putting the corn on the BBQ with the husk still on.  Once it was ready he peeled it back and put some mayonnaise and parmesan cheese on the corn.  Seriously, magic people!  You have to try it this summer during your next get together.  You'll be famous with your friends.

As you can see, I was enjoying every bite.  I think it's funny how you can see my belly sticking out the bottom too.  Lelo is getting to be a big girl!  Less then 12 weeks until our due date, time is flying by.

Please tell us, what do you put on your corn on the cob?


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