We're Back.....

Posted By: Kristi

I know, we have been MIA. Sorry about that! Good news is that we have been enjoying some time with our family and friends. 

Christmas was WONDERFUL! We are blessed in many ways!

I still have a ton of projects I need to start but lately projects have been on the back burner. Shopping, wrapping, cooking and eating (a ton) have been the priority. I did however, make tutus for our nieces. One for each niece and one to match for each of their American Dolls. Click here for Stephanie's tutorial.

I came across an easier way to cut the tool. Go here for an awesome tutorial. HUGE time saver!

I have some great news! Carson gave me a new (super awesome) camera for Christmas! That means no more cell phone pics. YAY!
I have some fun projects coming up and can't wait to share them! Thanks for sticking with us!


  1. Adorable tutus! I will have to try and make more for the Chitlin. =)

  2. @Ana- Thank you! It is so fun and easy. You should give it a try!

    @Michele (Pookie)- THANKS! They loved them, they were adorable!

    @LOVE MELISSA- Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!


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