My Sister is AMAZING!

Posted By:  Stephanie

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their winter.  Spring is just around the corner, personally I can't wait!

I want to first tell you all how amazing my sister is.  She has been such a champ posting without me while I make great attempts at getting through each day.  I have been so, so sick and although I still am it's getting MUCH better.  I appreciate her love and support so much, she hasn't complained even once!

Here I am, sitting on the bathroom floor with the computer on the toilet typing this while Little Lou gets a bath.  She is not only getting a bath but a full on soak while she "swims" because she is covered COATED in ravioli!  This was the first time I had given it to her and she loved it.  After she was done I immediately undressed her, threw her clothes in the wash and her in the tub.

I just thought I would share this random picture you haven't seen of her.  She is eating cheese, one of her most favorite things to eat.  This was on the day of Samantha's snowball.  Lou just saw this picture while peering from the side of the tub, she was yelling "Baby!"  I had to tell her it was her, she liked that.  = )

A Few Updates:

  • I made a comment to a friend that Lou hadn't been sick since she left daycare back in May.  The next day she got a horrible cold, soon after she got the flu and was vomiting, then she got a bad fever that turned into a virus that comes in the form of spots all over her body.  Note to self:  Keep thoughts of this kind to myself, or at least remember to knock on wood.  Poor girl.

  • Little Lou has a new obsession with brushing her teeth.  She prefers to brush them upwards of 3-4 times a day, so we do.

  • I am now 12 weeks 3 days pregnant, loosing weight and gaining a belly.  There's a baby in there folks!  We go back the the doctor on Thursday which we're looking forward to because we will be seeing our midwife this time.  We can't wait to hear our baby's heart beat.

  • Lou likes to put my bra on her arms these last new days and go around the house saying "Boobs".  It is funny, but I think we'll keep that in the house.

  • This sweet girl of ours has a new thing for hats.  She likes to be like daddy and will put a hat on and walk around the house.  We were getting ready to leave the house yesterday, we were at the door then she quickly turned around went and got the hat, put it on and walked back saying "Ready".  Seriously, so adorable!  I love that she is getting older and having opinions about what she likes.

I'm sure there are a million other things going on, but I thought I would only focus on a few for now.  Talk to you all REAL soon!

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