Gift Wrap Organization

Posted By: Kristi

SURPRISE...we're still here. You wouldn't know it, would you? = (

With our wedding day quickly approaching, is all that has been on my mind. Invitations, welcome bags, travel details and every other little detail we have had to plan. I am sending out the invitations this week and then will share the details with you. They were super fun to make.

In between wedding planning I have been trying to get our house put together. Mostly organizing and purging unwanted items. One thing that has been driving me bonkers was our gift wrap organization (or lack there of). I had all of our gift wrap supplies in a long flat container.

My problem with this container is that I would get it out, find what I needed, and then leave the box sitting in the hall. I never could decide where to store it so I always seemed to leave it out. TACKY! Finally, one day while I was checking out one of my favorite blogs, I came across this picture.

I knew right away that this was my perfect storage solution. All of these items are from the Container store and can be found here. Below is my version.

Carson's even mentioned how much easier it is to find everything this way. Loving it!

On another note, I really need to figure out how to use my camera. It is an AMAZING camera but I am doing it all wrong. Sorry for the crummy pictures!


  1. what a brilliant idea. i'm all about the organizing tips.



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