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Ryan, a guy I used to go to church with, wrote a list of his favorite restaurants in the Portland/Vancouver area. I was quite intrigued. Some of these I have heard of but most of them are new to me. It’s crazy how often we aren’t aware of our surroundings. Sadly, there are only a handful on this list I have even tried; I hope soon to have tried them all!

Muddy’s Coffee House Extracto Coffee House
Coffee house Five
Food carts in general (specifically: Grilled Cheese Grill) – I LOVE cheese and have been wanting to try the grilled cheese cart for a long time now. What is taking me so long!?

           Salt and Straw
Ruby Jewel ice cream
Pine state biscuits
Roots Screen door—get the praline bacon!
Jakes Crawfish— I have been here. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t my favorite.

Oba—order ceviche and prime rib – Excellent happy hour!

Clark Lewis Delta Café Bar – Another place I have wanted to visit for a while now!
Pho Van (is there a better Pho?)
Fire on the Mountain – YUMMY!
Vita Café
Farrars Bistro
EaT an oyster bar
The Observatory
Dicks kitchen
The Berlin Inn
Salty’s – We have been here a few times and have always enjoyed it. Great atmosphere (on the water)
Beaker and Flask
Tad’s Chicken n Dumplins – Have tried this one but I was too young to remember. Definitely need to go back.
Apizza scholls
Beast – Friends of mine from work really enjoyed the experience of this restaurant. There are many courses so be prepared to stay a while.
Tan Tan
Mi Mero Mole Tacos
Tasty n sons
Park Kitchen
Le Pidgeon
Podnah’s BBQ Pit
Paley’s Place Bistro and Bar
Nud Ludd
Brazil Grill Restaurant
Mothers – Very popular breakfast restaurant. For some reason, I wasn’t a huge fan but enjoyed the lunch menu
Veritible quandary – I have only been here one recently for drinks. Looks like I need to return for a meal.

Beatervill café and bar – I agree, excellent!
Jam on Hawthorne
Yoko’s–poke roll
Saburo–sushi – I have been here one time and it was superb! There is always a line out the door. Definitely been wanting to return. AMAZING!
Hunans Chinese food
Lemon Grass thai– get salad rolls
Tanuki– Go on “noodle night”
Grant House
Pambiche – Excellent! Carson took be here for lunch once and everything was delish!
Por Que No

Do you have any other recommendations? I happen to be guilty of being a repeat offender. If I enjoy a place, I like to go over, and over and over again. I don’t go out to eat too often so I really want to enjoy my meal. If I would just branch out I would probably find so many new favorites. Any other repeat offenders out there?

This year, Carson and I are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 11th. We have a meeting on the 14th (more details soon) but still wanted to plan something fun. I am trying to think of some fun ways to enjoy the day. I am thinking maybe pedicures in the morning. Carson has never had one and I am pretty sure he would drool over it, what man doesn’t like a good foot rubbin'? Afterwards I think we should try a restaurant from the list above and then head to a movie. The movie is the only thing I am 100% certain we will do. Have you seen the previews for “The Vow”? I can’t wait to see it!!! Rachael McAdams is one of my favorite acctress’ and Channing Tatum…HOTTIE! ; ) They are both beautiful people, great eye candy for us both!

I hope you all have fun plans coming up, and hopefully they include a yummy meal!


  1. Gravy - Excellent, probably best breakfast ever.
    Stepping Stone Cafe
    Agree about Hubers and Pho Van
    Clark Lewis is OK and pretty spendy but if you go for pedi's at Fleur de Lis they are in the same building (side note, I'm getting a pedi that AM too)
    = )


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