DIY Wedding Invites

Posted By: Kristi

I recently showed you our wedding invites and promised to give you details later. Well, later has finally come. I have been putting this off because explaining isn't as fun as doing. There are so many details and I don't want to forget anything. = )

One day, I was searching Pinterest when I found this image.

I thought it was pretty cool and decided to make my own. Mine are almost exactly the same, minus the ribbon.

Instead of printing out addresses and pasting them on the luggage tag, I taped the luggage tag onto card stock and fed it through my printer. I have had the best of luck with my printer so far, I have really tested what it can do.

Once I was done with the luggage (packaging), I started on the actual invite. I wanted to make a message in a bottle and quickly decided that I wanted the message (invite) to be cloth. I ordered the boxes, bottles, sand and shells from

My sister, Samantha, was a huge help with making with the actual invite. We lined up the bottles and filled them with a bit of both sand and shells.

Next, I created the invite on my Silhouette machine.

Unfortunately, my Silhouette blade was dull so I had to cut the invites out myself. Otherwise, I could have saved myself a few steps. Instead, I cut out the cloth (fabric) I had purchased for our invites, a little smaller then the card stock and then spray adhesived it onto my card stock.

Once it was stuck onto the card stock, I fed it through my printer.

We then cut them out along the line and tore them off the card stock.

Stephanie let is use her grommet machine so we could add a grommet to the top corner of the invite, making it easier to pull the message out of the bottle.

I fed jute through the grommet and added a circle key label that I stamped with a B (our last name is/will be, Bizon). Here is the completed message in a bottle.

If you have any questions, let me know. = ) I hope you enjoying your weekend!


  1. Those are ADORABLE! Where were you when I was planning my wedding?! lol Thanks for linking up to the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. that is very creative and beautiful, really. blessings, Lady


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