Hand and Foot Print Wall Art

Posted By:  Stephanie

WARNING:  Throughout this post you will see that she looks miserable.  For the record she made lots of funny faces but never cried. = )

As you may remember we are going to be working on Lou's big girl room and I have slowly been accumulating a few things for the room once it's done.  On this random night I decided it was craft time and we needed to make a little something for her room.

She's ready!

We picked two colors that will match the bedding in her room.
Purple for her hands and pink for her feet.

She liked seeing her hand prints on the canvas.

See, looks like she is crying but I assure you, she was not.
I was having fun with this as you can tell haha!

The finished product.  

We used a very thin canvas that we will either just hang on the wall or frame.  I haven't decided yet.  I'll make sure you see it when it's in the room.  Lou's favorite part of this project was washing her feet in the sink.  My favorite part is having something that she will be able to keep for years and eventually show her kids some day.


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