Backyard Makeover

Posted By: Kristi

Can you believe summer is already coming to an end? I have to admit, although I do love the sun, my love for fall is so much deeper. Fall is hands down my favorite!

We My husband has been pretty busy around here this summer. He ripped out our entire backyard so he could start over from scratch. This included bringing in more dirt, tilling, leveling the entire yard and then reseeding. Thanks to Carson and his awesome family who helped a TON (on the hottest weekend of the summer) our yard is starting to look so much nicer! We still have a lot more work to do when it is nice out again (hopefully this spring) but meanwhile, it is not near as bumpy and a lot nicer to look at!

This is our yard right after Carson sprayed to kill the grass. We used to have a brick pathway that we also removed. I actually did lend a hand with that part. Amanda and her brother who lived here most of their lives put in that path and I admit, it was pretty awesome. We had to take it out to start over though. We might relay it or something like it in the future. Carson mentions daily how much both him and the hairy babies miss it. I like the look without it because the yard doesn't seem so split up but I do agree, a path is a great addition to most yards. Honestly, this is where Carson spends most of his time so he can have whatever almost whatever he wants. = )

Here is the best picture I have on my computer right now. It is hard to get pictures without all the shadows, but this gives you a good idea of what it is looking like.

The sad news...moles have been taking over! They won't leave us alone! We have paid someone to take care of it but they haven't been coming over all the time like they are supposed to and haven't caught a thing. It is sad, really.

Do you know how to catch these sneaky little things? Any tips are appreciated!


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