DIY Fringe Scarf

Posted By: Kristi

What a great weekend! Bummer that it had to an end but it was great while it lasted. Yesterday evening, my sister Samantha and I whipped up a fringe scarf. It was a quick project and can be a fun addition to your outfit. Here's how we did it....

1. Find a shirt you no longer want and cut across it, armpit to armpit.

2. Cut evenish strips up the shirt, starting from the bottom, about 6 or seven inches long. Keep cutting all the way from one side of the shirt to the other side.

3. Once you are done cutting the strips, hold the shirt still with one hand and pull each fringed piece with the other hand. You want to really stretch each piece out.

4. That's it, you're done! Put on your new scarf and admire your new look. = )

Samantha is a lovely model, next time I will get her cute face in some pictures! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and that Monday isn't too hard on you!!


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