Welcome to the World Lelo!

Posted By:  Stephanie

Hello everyone!  One month ago today 8/18/12 we welcomed our second daughter, Lelo (her nickname, pronounced Lee-Low), into the world.  Although it is a little strange to wrap my head around being a family of 4, I couldn't be happier and she fits into our family perfectly.  We are all SO in love!

Our first family photo!
This moment watching Lou with her little sister for the first time was precious.

Our birth story:

For as long as I can remember, my dream situation for going into labor was for my water to break at Walmart.  Why Walmart of all places?  I don’t really know, it just came in my mind one day and I couldn’t shake it.  Lucky for me we live in a small town that only has two options for grocery, Safeway and Walmart so odds were getting a little higher for me of this happening as long as I was shopping.  When we had Lou I was induced so going into labor on my own was going to be a new experience, if it even happened at all.

It was the evening of 4/18 which also happened to be Lelo’s due date and we (Will, Lou and I) decided to venture out of the house to go pet some animals at the feed store, get some treats from Starbucks then head to Walmart for some groceries.  After looking down just about every aisle of the store we finally got started with the grocery shopping.  Right as we walk down the first grocery aisle I had a contraction which I didn’t think anything of because I had been having them randomly for about 2 days.  I took another step and GUSH my water broke all over the place!  We quickly left but not before informing the gal who worked there they needed a “clean up” on that aisle, which was part of my grand plan.  

It was about 6:15pm when we left the parking lot to head to the hospital.  Living an hour away from the hospital Will thought it was a good idea to go straight there even though I wasn't having regular contractions and I wanted to go home and clean up.  Just for a little perspective here, our home is about 10 miles from the store (about 12-15 minutes).  After a few short minutes in the car on the way to the hospital my contractions were close together and very painful, I knew I was in full labor.  Needless to say, I was grateful for Will insisting we go straight there!  

Will drove to the hospital and got there in record time because he was going between 80-85 mph the entire way there.  Once we arrived there was no time for parking, Lelo was ready to come so Will stopped in the turnaround afraid that she may just come out while walking to the hospital once we found a place to park.  By the time we got in the building and in the room I was on all 4s knowing that she was ready to come, like THEN!  I informed them that I needed to get an epidural and quick because with Lou my tailbone broke during labor and I didn't want to feel that happen again knowing that it was a huge possibility.  Knowing my history with that they didn't refuse me and tried to get it working but they used the medication that I had informed them my body doesn't respond to, so guess who didn't get a working epidural until AFTER birth?  That’s right, me.  Oh well, she came out with 2 pushes and a total of 5 minutes at 8:43pm after holding her in not wanting to push until the epidural was working.  

Lelo was 9lbs 3oz, 21 inches long and healthy as can be!  Lou was 9lbs 6oz and 20 ½ inches long when she was born, they are so similar. In case you were wondering no, my tailbone didn't break this time THANK GOODNESS!

I love this squishy face.

Such a proud big sister!

Bubba (Kristi), Lelo and I

Still at the hospital.  I can't resist kissing these cheeks!

This was just after birth.
While they were getting me all cleaned/stitched up
Will had skin to skin time with Lelo.
Such a special moment.

For me pregnancy is such a special thing, I love being pregnant.  I also experience horrible sickness throughout the entire pregnancy which makes it hard to do every day things a lot of the time.  Although I would always push through and continue my daily life as normal as I could it wasn't always easy.  Even though I love being pregnant I also love that I now have a sweet baby in my arms and that I haven't felt sick, not for one moment since she was born.  I'm really looking forward to doing more of the things I love again like crafts and projects with Lou, trying new recipes, possibly painting a few walls, blogging and other things that when I would try and do them while pregnant it would result in a trip to the bathroom to hug the toilet.  TMI?  I hope not.


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