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Posted By: Kristi

Brrrrrr, it's cold here! I am snuggled up in blankets as I type this with hopes of snow. I have many projects to work on but most of them require me to be outside and that is not something I am interested in, like I said...brrrrrrr! Plus, many of the projects I am doing use paint and they wouldn't dry right in these temperatures. So, this leaves me with inside projects. That is fine too, I have plenty to do inside the house.

This last summer I decided to make a craft room for myself in our garage. In the summer it was the perfect place for it. Carson is always outside in the summer so I don't feel alone. In the winter I hate going out there, I love spending time around Carson (even when I do my projects) and he is inside while I am out there in the winter. It wasn't working out. We have an extra bedroom downstairs that I could use until we have a second child. We don't even have a first child yet so since that will be a while, I decided to move my craft room back into the house. This is also the room that guests will stay in when they visit. It will serve a couple purposes. I am getting closer to having everything setup, once it is complete I will post pictures. I am loving it and can't wait to get creative in my new space. The only thing I need now is a desk. I had one in the garage but it is way too large for my little room. I have all dark furniture in my craft room so I knew I wanted a white desk to brighten the room so it felt larger. I began my search.

The first desk that caught my eye was the Micke Desk from Ikea, priced at $69.00.

I love the clean lines and the price is perfect. But I wasn't sure about the size. I used painters tape and taped off the area (the size of the desk) where the desk would sit. It wasn't bad but I realized that I would like something a little longer and more narrow. I continued my search.

Next, I found the Besta Burs desk from Ikea, priced at $269.

Again, I loved the clean lines on this one. The size is perfect and the high gloss is a favorite of mine. However, $269 seems a little steep. I was having a hard time at this point because I was really LOVING this desk and felt like caving and buying it but then I found the Malm Occasional Table, also from Ikea. The Malm has a price tag of $79.99, much better!

It isn't high gloss and doesn't have drawers but drawers are not a must so I am ok with that. It is however, longer than the Besta Burs and one inch more narrow. With a $79.99 price tag, it is perfect! I am pretty sure this is the one I will be buying and I am pretty dang excited about it.

I know this is something I could easily DIY but I have too many other projects to get done so I decided not to go this route. Do you have a desk you love? Something I should buy?


  1. I need a cute little craft desk like that too. My computer desk has ended up the Craft desk, but a tornado has messed it up lately. I was thinking about building something similar to the last one and painting it white. I am sure there is plenty of scrap wood in these parts. If you lived closer I would make you one!

  2. Ooooohhh, I'd LOVE that! Won't you be my neighbor? ; )

  3. If you make something, please send us pics! = )


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