The Feeling of Christmas

Posted By: Kristi

Finally, it feels like Christmas! To get in the Christmas spirit I have baked cookies, bought presents and donated them, bought presents for the family and wrapped them and went to a couple parties. All of that and it still didn't feel like Christmas was approaching. It wasn't until we went to cut down our Christmas tree this weekend and decorated our home that the feeling of Christmas finally set in.

The last couple of years we have cut down our own tree at the tree farm. We have a lot of fun doing it and will continue the tradition when we have kids. This year, we bought two trees. One for upstairs and a little one for downstairs.

 HA! This picture makes the tree look super crooked, it's not...really. = )

 Carson sprayed our little tree with flock. I LOVE this tree!

Our stockings are hung.

Now we just wait for Santa. = )

What gets you in the Christmas spirit?



  1. Your "little" tree is super cute. I love the basin it is in. OH and the mantel. Just elegantly beautiful. I love the feeling of Christmas. It comes to me when we put up our tree too. So enjoy it.

  2. So cute, we will have to try a tree farm one year.

  3. I love that sweet little tree in the galvanized bucket!

  4. Love all of your decorations! Very cute!

  5. Love it all and love that you are developing your own traditions (thank goodness you love Christmas!!). XOXO Pookette


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