Toddler Tuesday - Keep the Balloon off the Ground and Mommy Moment

Posted By:  Stephanie

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I'm sure many of you have played this game some time in your life but this is also a great game to play with your toddler!  You can use one balloon or tie a few balloons together and play the same way.  Basically the only real rule is to keep the balloon from touching the ground.  This is a great game to play inside on cold days because the balloon wont hurt a thing and it will keep them busy while getting energy out at the same time.  I personally think this mindless game is super fun!

*PLEASE NOTE - Deflated balloons are a serious choking hazard that can cause permanent damage to any living thing that can swallow.*

Have you played this game with your toddler?
Mommy Moment:

Yesterday while Lou was taking a bath she got up onto her knees and started pushing.  Once she sat down a log floated to the top of the water.  I grabbed it out with my bare hand and asked her "Did you do this?"  She responded "Neow" (her word for no) Me "Hmm, I think you did."  I put the poo in the toilet, washed my hands and got her out of the bath.

Thoughts on this:

I NEVER thought that I would willingly pick up poo and not even get grossed out about it.  I mean, there is NO way I would have done that in the past and I can't say I would do that for another child either.  I guess you know you are a mom when you do what you gotta do, even when that means picking up poo with your bare hand without thinking twice.

Have you had a similar poo experience?


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