CD's Made Candle Holder

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Hello! I hope you all had a very nice weekend and a fabulous Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving with our family was very nice, as always. We stayed up with all the other crazy people out there and shopped on Black Friday. It is a tradition that Steph and I have been doing since I can remember. I have to admit, I didn't like that some of the stores opened at midnight. I prefer the excitement of waking up early and beating the crowds! It was still fun, just not the same.

Last week we had some not so good stuff happen to our home. It was raining so hard that some of the rain found its way through our basement window seals and drenched the carpets. They were SOAKED! We called Stanley Steamer and they quickly came to our rescue. They had to remove the rug pad and extract all of the water. They put holes in the bottom of the wall to make sure that all of the water was gone. It has been a mess around here to say the least. Insurance doesn't cover this kind of damage so as of now we have spent $1,800! BOO! We still have to buy a new carpet pad and get the carpet put back down. The biggest bummer is that the carpet is only a year old. Oh-well, it will all be ok. = )

Here is a fun and easy project for you to try, it only takes 10 minutes!

You will need a mug and two CD's

Preheat your oven to 375. Place the CD's on top of each other (shiny sides out) and place them on top of an oven safe mug.

Carefully place the mug with the CD's on top in the oven for 10 minutes.

Once 10 minutes has passed, remove the mug from the oven and let it cool.

Once cooled add a candle.

I LOVE that it has a mercury glass feel to it!

Note: I think it could be especially cool if you used a mug with a smaller circumference and then left it in the oven just a little longer. If you try this, please send us a picture. = )

Have a great week everyone!

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