Prepare Air Pop Popcorn in the Microwave! *Update - We're Guest Hosting Today!*

Posted By:  Stephanie

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Happy Go Lucky

Prepare Air Pop Popcorn in the Microwave!

This is magic people, pure magic!  Are you a popcorn fan?  If so you know two things, air pop popcorn is the best, and that if you buy the microwave bag popcorn it gets expensive (not to mention the weird ingredients).  This will just change your world completely, if you are a popcorn fan, or even just eat it on occasion you know what I mean.

Now you can pop your air pop popcorn (that's a mouth full) in the microwave!

All you need is:

- Brown lunch bag
- 1/4 cup popcorn
- Air pop popcorn
- Microwave

Poor 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels into brown paper bag.

Fold the top down a couple times until it fits into your microwave.  You must fold it down at least twice to keep the heat in.

Turn the microwave on for about 1 min 50 seconds, microwaves vary.  Listen for the pops until there are about 2 seconds between each pop.  Stop the microwave immediately, popcorn will go from perfect to burnt way faster than you can blink!

1/4 cup made about two bowls worth.  This is so much less expensive and tastes SO yummy.  Once you take the popcorn out of the microwave you can season it how you like it.  I told my Granny K. about this, who is a popcorn fan for sure.  She says that she has done this now since I told her about the awesome magic trick and she loves making it this way instead of pulling out her air popper.

Speaking of Granny K...

This is Granny K. and my girl Little Lou reading a magazine together.  I just love this picture.  Please excuse the quality, it was taken with a phone and it wasn't one of those fancy smart ones, Granny K. and I don't have those spiffy phones.  We rock the cell phones old school.  = )



  1. Wow, that looks really easy. And I do love popcorn because it's not fattening! So I can have seconds, and thirds and fourths.

    Thanks so much for dropping by Momfever.

  2. Hi,
    I'm a new GFC follower from the hop!
    I'd love for you to stop by my blog and follow me back when you get time.

  3. Your popcorn made me hungry :-(

    That's a precious photo with her Granny.

  4. Momfever - I totally agree, you can eat, and eat and eat some more and not feel bad about it!

    Darlene - Thank you for stopping by our blog, we will be coming by yours soon.

    Mom Fashion World - I get hungry when I look at this picture too haha! Thank you for stopping by today!

  5. Thanks for the lesson. This is way cheaper than buying microwave popcorn. I'm visiting from the Newbie blog hop. I'm now following you on GFC as Ericka T. Please check out my blog and consider following. Thanks.

  6. Thank you Vhen and Humanecats for visiting, we hope you'll be back!

    I agree Humanecats, much cheaper and you get to make it the way you want it, even better!


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