Hanging a picture or art, the easy way!

Posted By: Kristi

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Time and time again I go to hang something on the wall and I put a hole in the wrong spot. Good thing that what I am usually hanging will hide my mess but I would prefer to get it right. Because of this, I have been researching the best way to hang things correctly the first time. I found some great ideas that I am excited to try, I had to share!

1. Put a dab of toothpaste on the part of the frame that will hang from the nail. Hold the frame up to the wall (where you want it to hang) and push it up against the wall so that the toothpaste leaves a mark. Don't move it around or else you wont know exactly where to hammer your nail into.


2. Use a piece of wood or a clothespin and on one end hammer a nail into it (make sure the nail goes all the way through but that the head of the nail is still raised a bit so that something can hang from it.) Next, hang your picture from it (hold onto the top)

Press the entire thing up against the wall where you want it, the nail will put a little hold in the wall.


The hole will be a placeholder so that you will know where to hammer your nail into.

3. Cut out pieces of paper the size of the frame(s) that you are hanging on the wall. Tape them on the wall where you will want the frames to hang. Measure how far down the hangers are on the frame and mark that spot on the paper. Hammer the nail into that spot and then pull the paper up.

Do you have any other techniques to share? I am open to hearing them all, please share! I am tired of having to always cover up extra holes.


  1. These are great ideas! I can't tell you how many holes we have in our walls from not getting our pictures hung right the first time!

  2. Love it. It will come in handy the next time I do pictures!

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  4. Good idea, my love.
    I have never thought about this... now my walls have many holes.

  5. hi following from the blog hop
    What a jolly good idea I will try that next time i hang a picture
    if you have time please come visit me

  6. Very good idea! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm your newest follower and would love it if you could follow me back :)


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  9. This is a great idea!! I just found you on the super stalker sunday blog hop! I love your blog design! I'm your newest follower & look forward to reading more of your blog! Have a great weekend! :) xo, Reannah


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