Toddler Tuesday - Dress Up

Posted By:  Stephanie

Good morning!  Did you all survive the night with the trick or treating/treaters visiting your home?  We had a good time visiting family and Lou got some fun treats from Gramma and Auntie, lucky girl!  I was trying to get her to say "treat" on the way to see Gramma, instead she looked out the car window and started saying and pointing to the trees.  She cracks me up all. the. time!

Little Lou was a Ballerina, I was Will (this is what we call his uniform, the hat and the red shirt are his go to pieces) and he was a Navy guy.

Little Lou loved her costume, she walked around the house saying "Pretty"!  This got me thinking, about Toddler Tuesday.  Most times we put away the costumes to use the next year for another kid, instead why not keep it out and let them play dress up until the costume doesn't fit anymore?  It makes the kiddos happy and you will get much more use out of it.

If you haven't already, you should start a dress up box for your little one.  Our girl is just getting to the point where she is thinking it is fun to wear certain clothing items so we will get her collection started.  Dress up is fun for both boys and girls.

I remember going over to a friends house when I was little and they had a huge chest FULL of dress up clothes.  All 5 kids in that family would dress up all the time and when I went to their house I was happy to get in on the fun.  My favorite dress up item at our house was my flapper dress.  I loved putting that thing on a shaking around the house watching the tassels flap around.

Did you play dress up when you were little?  What was your favorite thing to dress up in?


  1. We're on the same wavelenght. I was just telling my husband that I am going to leave her witch gown out so she continue to wear it. She woke up this morning and put her hat on and grabbed her broom and was happy as can be. She loves it!

  2. She was such a cute witch too. I saw the picture of her on your blog. I think I saw that same costume at Goodwill, I almost bought it but it was ripped in a spot that didn't look easy to fix and it was overpriced. SO adorable!

  3. What a cutie! She is a beautiful ballerina!

  4. hey! found your blog through a blog hop! i hope you will come visit and follow my blog.

  5. My kids love costumes. I always like to stock up with new costumes at after halloween sales. Cute ballerina!

    1. The first is a very nice and warm up to you

  6. I'm going to have to do the same thing. That is a great idea for a way to get some play costumes on a budget.

  7. oh, she is as lovely as a pink!

    By the way, I'm your newest follower in GFC from the Wednesday Blog Hop.
    Please feel free to visit my blog. Looking forward to seeing you there, and would love a follow me back. Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much for visiting our blog today and for the compliment on my girl! I'm going to go check out your blog in just a couple minutes. Have a great day!

  9. Cute!! I'm your newest follower from the Newbie Blog hop!

    I love that you are two sisters (and a third sometimes) blogging together!!

  10. Thank you Betsy! We are now following back.

  11. Awww she's so adorable. What a great dress up creation. Thanks for sharing. I think that will work on Halloween costumes too. Cheers!

    Happy Crafting!
    Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas


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