Rug Shopping

Posted By: Kristi

I never realized how difficult rug shopping could be. There are so many different sizes, colors, carpet types and lengths.  My living room was feeling cold and uninviting and also looking really dark and...brown.

See what I mean? Brown floors, brown furniture, brown pillows. There is no ceiling light which makes the room even darker. This room has a ton of potential and eventually we will get there. I love the floors but I wanted it to feel cozier, warmer. I wanted a rug that could work with whatever furniture we choose in the future and that was large in size. I wanted something that wouldn't easily ruin by our dog babies nails. That said, I started searching.

I found many great options but wasn't completely satisfied until I found this one on the West Elm site.

It is an indoor/outdoor rug which is perfect with our dogs, nearly indestructible. I ordered it in an 8x10 the perfect size for our living room. HUGE. It is/was on sale for $179.99 regularly $599.99. That is a $420.00 savings and I found a code to get free shipping. SCORE!

I also ordered a rug pad from Amazon. This is the one I ordered; I wanted to be sure to protect our wood floors. I paid $54.99 (regularly $89.99) and I am happy with it.

Here it is in our home.

And here it is with the coffee table I showed you the other day.

Here is what are in the plans next.
  • New pillows on the couches (adding more color in the room including black and grey)
  • Add some kind of throw on the couch
  • New curtains
  • Buy and restore an old end table and replace the one we have, preferably pedestal style
  • New lamp
  • New wall art
  • Decorate the coffee table
Another reason I went with a plain colored rug (besides possibly changing the furniture out) is because the living room is connected to the dining room and I bought another rug (with a design) for under the table in there. It hasn't arrived yet but when it does I will share it and give you all the details.

I also came across some amazing deals on Overstock, I definitely recommend checking out what they have.

*Update- The rug I ordered has sold out. Sorry!


  1. Love the look. I need to get a rug too, I will have to look at West Elm.

  2. What a great deal, your living room definitely looks more cozy with the rug and coffee table!

  3. i love rugs but they're so expensive!! i found ours by the dumpster ... we're supah classy over here;)

  4. beautiful pics!!
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  5. I am a big fan of rugs. I'm also slowly making my house a home on a budget and I just bought 2 rugs. They make an instant difference. And that's such a great saving you made!
    Visiting from terrific thursday blog hop x

  6. @Meredith - I wish I could find worth keeping in a dumpster!

    @Jenny - THANKS! I think so too. = )

    @Amanda - GOOD LUCK!

    @Alexandra - I bought one more too and I am excited to see what a difference two will make!

  7. I love the rug! It adds a nice texture to the room. Just checked the west elm site and they are sold out of the big ones :(

  8. Oh man! BUMMER! I ordered it the same week I posted this. I wonder if they didn't have many left or if a ton of people ordered them. Hopefully you find something else good, please share!


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