How to Make a Tutu - Tutorial

Posted By:  Stephanie

See this super cute girl?  She belongs to my friend Breanna at Dollar Store Mom.  If you haven't been to her site yet you're missing out.  She has all kinds of tips and tricks on how to be the best mom, on a budget.

When we were invited to her birthday party at the end of September I knew I wanted to find something girly for her, something she could dress up in.  When we went through the girly isles of the store I found this skirt which was $20.  Being that we are on a budget and I also didn't feel that the skirt was as cute as it could be for that money I ventured onto the craft isle to get supplies to make my own.  A friend of ours had gifted a tutu to Little Lou at my baby shower so I went off that one for direction on how to make a tutu for the birthday girl.

I picked out two colors of tulle that I thought would look good together and ribbon to match the lighter color. You can make a tutu with one color or multiple, it's up to you.

I cut two pieces at the same time on top of each other to the size I wanted and then used those as a guide for the rest.  When determining the length you are cutting remember that the length is going to be half of what you cut, it stretches some and think about how tall the person is you're making it for.  When making this one I cut 24 inch pieces knowing that it would be a bit long, I wanted it to fit her longer than a couple months.

To make this process a bit easier I pinned the ribbon on the shelf brackets.  Most people don't have their craft room in a closet but you can find something else to pin it to if you feel the need.  Personally I feel this made the process so much easier.

See below for instructions on how to put the tulle on the ribbon.  I have learned after making this one that you can also use elastic instead of ribbon if you choose.

Once complete you have a cute tutu for an even cuter child.

With Christmas coming up this would be a great gift for the little girls you have planned to purchase gifts for.


  1. This is adorable!

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  2. She is adorable!
    I wish I had a daughter so I can make a tutu skirt for her.
    Thanks for the tutorial, dear.

  3. What a great little model. I'll have to make a big girl tutu for me :).

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    Thank you

  5. She is just way to cute. I have a tutorial like this. So cute!
    Following you via Friday Friend Connect hop.
    I am your newest GFC follower and I like you on Facebook.

    Have a Blessed Day,
    Patricia aka Mamaw

  6. This is one of the best tutu tutorials I've seen! Thanks for sharing — it's so cute.

    XO Suz


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