Toddler Tuesday - Build a Fort

Posted By:  Stephanie

Good morning!  I normally would have already posted by now but I couldn't sign on last night and then today we have been loosing our electricity on and off all morning which has made it very hard to get on the Internet.  Oh well, HERE I AM!

Today is Toddler Tuesday and I have an activity that is fun for both kids and adults, or at least Will and I think it is fun.  Some of you have mentioned that you live in nice sunny states where you don't have rain often (not the case here) but when you do get rain you aren't sure what activities to do with your kids.  Here is a great idea for you...make a fort!

I was selling my fabric gift bags at a bazaar this last weekend and when I came home I found that Will and Little Lou had made this fort.  I know, you can hardly see it with the camo blanket on top. ; )

They made this one with a bunch of chairs and then they put pillows inside so they could get comfy and read books in the fort.  As you can see it was hard to take pictures of Lou, she was all over the place LOVING IT!

Will wanted me to make sure I mentioned that if you make a fort under a table you should put chairs together in front of it to make a hallway kind of thing with a blanket over it as an entry to the fort.  He says that is was his favorite when he was little because he would pretend he was in an igloo.  I just love that guy.

Kristi and I used to make forts too, there's just something fun about getting into your own little space you built.

Did you make forts when you were little?  What was your favorite kind?  Under a table, chairs, something else?  Please share your ideas and the memories you have from when you were little, or what you've done with your kids.

PS Yes, we have already decorated for Christmas, I'll be sharing about that another day.


  1. Oh what sweet memories you have evoked. Yes, we had forts all the time. Draped from tables and chairs, draped from bed to bed and even draped outside using the clothes lines. We also had a closet that didn't have much stored in the floor area. Mom would hang a flashlight on a clothes hangar and we would put chairs and animals in it and play or sometimes we would simply put our gloves on an pretend like it was an elegant elevator and we were the elevator operator. Such sweet memories from such simple items. One other fun thing I remember was when mom would get deliveries in big boxes, we would cut the boxes into big rectangles and slide down the hill on them in the summer, acting like they were snow sleds.

  2. How sweet, I love the playing that you were in an elegant elevator and that you were the elevator operator. It sounds like you had a great mom who made sure you kids created great memories growing up. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I remember as a girl we built forts all the time! It was a form of entertainment. These pictures are so cute and creative! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. We used to build forts ALL the time...under anywhere. Seeing those pictures brings back so many happy memories :). Thank you!

  5. I love that this is bringing back memories for all of you!

    Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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