My "Must Fix" Moment - Pantry and Counter Organizing

Posted By:  Stephanie

Do you ever have a moment when you look at something in your house and think, WOW I need to fix that right now!?  I do.  This week I have had a few of those moments and my sweet girl has been such a trooper and helper through it all.  One of the moments lead to completely emptying our pantry and organizing it.  Over time it had gotten WAY out of hand.  

After some time in the kitchen with my little helper it went from this.

To this.

Those black containers are the ones that I talked about in this post.  I wasn't using them in my craft room so I decided to take advantage of them in the kitchen.

I was so happy that I was left with the lower left part of the cabinet free.  I was able to use that space for some small appliances and to store some egg containers I'm saving for a neighbor that had been sitting on the counter and on top of the microwave.  The counter and microwave were part of this "must fix" moment.  The clutter was hurting my eyes and my brain.

Just behind the plastic wrap you can see a little white thing popping up.  That is one of the grocery bags that is stored in one of my milk jug containers.  For those of you who have been reading all along since I posted about folding my grocery bags and are wondering if I still do that, the answer is YES and I LOVE it!

I'm sure from these pictures you can see what my problem was, without explanation.  Yahoo, it's fixed!  Now I just need to have a chat with Will about the cover for the plug in.  Why oh why do we not have covers on any of the kitchen plugs?  Painting has been complete for a long while now.

Little Lou (on the left) had been so helpful and didn't complain a bit much so I was so happy to be able to take her to play with her best friend at OMSI.  Deanna, this cutie's mommy, purchased a membership for the two of them so we have been able to go as guests twice now.  So fun!  

The girls were checking out the fish, I love watching them interact with each other.  Adorable.

Have you had a "must fix" moment lately that you acted on?  What was it?


  1. My living room! I actually anded up tossing out a lot of stuff (including a huge couch!) - it is still wayy cluttered, but already so much better!

    You have a very nice blog :-)


  2. Everything looks great and organized.
    Great job!

    Mine here is still messy. Mountains of clothes are waiting
    to be folded, huh?!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I don't know what has gotten into me but I'm having "winter cleaning" instead of spring cleaning haha! You never know what I'm going to organize next.

    Vee - Wow, a couch even?? Do you still have a place to sit?

    Mom Fashion World - I have found the only thing that has kept my laundry from consuming me is folding each load and putting it away right out of the dryer. It's hard not to walk away when switching the loads out really quick but I have made it a habit and now I can't remember the last night I had to sit down and fold laundry. Wait, yes I can. I started this in May and since then it has worked out great!

    Following you both! Mom Fashion World, I don't get it, I've read your blog and it was on our reader as following you but it went missing, so now we're following again. = )

  4. good job "fixing" that's what i need to do!!

    i'm stopping by for the monday blog hop..i'm now following! please stop by when you get the chance

  5. Hi thanks for the follow! Following you back!


  6. Thank you both for visiting our blog! Malia we are following back. Have a great day!

  7. I gave you a "Liebster Blog Award". Check out this post at Back Porchervations to learn more and to pick up your award. Congratulations!


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