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Posted By: Kristi

Don't weekends just seem to fly by? Most Mondays aren't the most exciting to me but today is Halloween and my kiddos (dogs) LOVE Halloween so I am a pretty happy girl today. Oh, by the way...


Tonight we will dress our doggie babies up (believe me, they love it! We aren't torturing them) and pass out candy to the trick or treaters. Miss Lou and her mom and dad will also be stopping by. Here is Little Lou last year.

As you can tell, she wasn't too thrilled. The costume didn't last long because we all felt bad for the tired little hot dog. Tears and all she was CUTE as always!

Our babies...

Hopefully you all have fun plans for tonight as well. 

This weekend I spent studying for a test I have coming up and went to a family get together. I also took a short break from studying for a little project. I had a small jar laying around that I wanted to use for something, I decided to use it to hold a picture.  I cut a picture I had to fit in the jar.

Oops, not the straightest cut but you can't tell when your done. Promise. = )
I then placed the picture inside the jar.

Once the picture was in the jar, I added olive oil and closed it.

It's tiny, cute and a fun way to frame a picture. I first saw this on Pinterest, done with a large jar and picture.

 This took me less than five minutes and would have been even faster if I wasn't taking pictures along the way.

Did you do any projects this weekend? Anything Halloween related?

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. new follower from the blog hop!

  2. I've seen this before, but how does the oil affect the picture? Does it preserve it?

  3. new follower from blog hop, would love a follow back!


  4. Thank you Megan and Kathryn, we hope you'll be back!

    Shiloh, I'm now sure how it will affect the picture. I will make sure I post an update in a few weeks once I see what happens.

  5. Cute dogs! I love the picture in the jar idea! I would never think to use olive oil but it looks good!

  6. Thank Kirsten! I wanted to use this small jar for something but bigger pictures in larger jars looks really neat too.

  7. I'm intrigued by the olive oil idea! Can't wait to see in a few weeks how it has affected the picture! I came by from blogaholic after I got your message~~ Drop by sometime! www.oneshoeparenting.blogspot.com

  8. You were one of my favorite blogs from a recent blog hop!

    I shared your blog with my followers!


  9. Audrey - We're so glad you came by! We went over to your blog and love it. You have a lot of great posts! We'll be back for sure.

    Cheap Cajun - Thank you so much! That was so nice of you to do that.

  10. Lol. Love the picture in the jar. Such cute dogs too! Hope you had a nice Halloween!

  11. Awe the hot dog is so cute. Stopping by from Whip It Up Wednesday. Hope you stop by for a visit.

  12. Thank you Melissa!

    Grandma Bonnie - I love your wee classroom. We're now following!


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