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Choosing wall art can be tough, especially for the bedroom. We originally had prints up in our bedroom of trees but it didn't feel personal or cozy. Someone else probably had the same prints hanging in their bedroom and that was not the direction I was going for. I wanted our room to be "us", fun and personal. A really inexpensive way to add wall art to your room is to print photos that are special to the both of you and frame them.

Carson proposed to me in Washington D.C. at the National Cathedral. It was a gorgeous day and the perfect moment. We had taken a couple pictures that day and I knew that they would be perfect for our bedroom walls. I went online and had them printed. These are the pictures I chose; the second picture is where Carson proposed.

I bought two frames from Ikea.

and framed my pictures.

Even though the quality of this picture is not good (sorry, had to use my cell camera) they look great! I love how they turned out and it is nice to get to see them everyday instead of having them hidden away in an album.

Since I am sharing these photos I will also share our proposal story, just for fun. = )

We had been in Washington D.C. for a few days and we were on our last day before heading to New York. We spent the first half of the day in Alexandria and then headed to the Washington National Cathedral. I had been to D.C. before and remembered the Cathedral being breathtaking, one of my favorite spots. Carson knew that and had agreed that we make a trip to see it. We spent about an hour inside before decided to tour the outside. We walked around and took lots of pictures. I thought we had seen everything so I started to walk off. Carson quickly stopped me and said we should see if we could find any paths. So we walked around some more until we found a really pretty secluded area. There was a little bench that we sat down on and talked for a while. I must have looked away because next thing I know, I turn my head to say something to him and he is on one knee.

SIDE NOTE:  Before I go on I have to mention that everyone kept asking me if he was going to propose on our trip. I kept telling everyone NO WAY. I thought I would know or at least have a feeling. Carson also had people ask him the same question so during the trip we would joke about it. 

So now, here we are, and Carson is on his knee. I look at him and laugh and ask if he is joking. He says no but I don't believe him. Next thing I know he is saying a bunch of sweet things and he has a ring in his hand. I was in SHOCK! Best feeling EVER!

Do you have pictures of your proposal location?

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