Toddler Tuesday - DIY Noise Maker

Posted By:  Stephanie

This morning my girl and I went out in our pajamas to play in the rocks and make a noise maker.  You can do this with all kinds of things but we made her noise maker out of a cleaned out peanut butter container and rocks that we found outside.  My girl had a great time picking out the rocks to go in the container, she took a few in and out until she was satisfied.  It was a beautiful morning to take a few minutes to do something different outside.

As you can see above, she thought this was SO much fun.  Once we went inside she was shakin' the rocks like a Polaroid picture, okay not really but she did shake the container and love it.  This is a very simple project that you can repeat with different objects and experiment with the different sounds that come from changing out what is in his/her noise maker.

Have fun shaking things up a bit with a simple project like this one!

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