Toddler Tuesday - Hand and Foot Print Art

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I feel like today is going to be a great productive day.  Yesterday I got a TON of laundry done and I even stole my husbands laundry that he has been neglecting (yes, he actually wants to do his own laundry) so I felt very accomplished.  Our washer and dryer which used to belong to Will's grandma finally died on us.  It was a horrible piece of crap but we didn't have money to replace it so I just threw out the laundry that came out of the dryer melted or burnt on occasion and tried to keep a smile on my face.  Lucky us just inherited my in-laws washer and dryer because they took advantage of the Friends and Family sale at Sears and got a new set for themselves!!!  I feel like the luckiest person and I'm having so much fun doing laundry.  I know, sounds crazy but I tell ya, when you've been working with what I had, this feels like a privilege!  The set we were using at an actual on/off switch, that's how old it was.

Today I hope to get more cleaning done.  I will get back to you on how that goes, along with a picture of the pile of boxes I hope to break down and send out the door that are taking over my laundry/craft room.

Back to the main reason of this post, it's Toddler Tuesday!  I just love hand and foot print art so I wanted to share a few ideas of my own, as well as a group of ideas that I found on Pinterest.  These are quick, fun projects that you can keep your toddler engaged long enough for and they are so much fun to display.  You can have fun letting them rub their hands together and feeling the paint on their hands too, that is if they aren't funny about having gooey stuff on their hands!

My Girl's Art:

This is supposed to be a snowflake, next time we will do something
similar but make it a sun because that's really what it looks like.  Oh well, still cute.

Ideas Found on Pinterest:

Do you have some cute ideas on your blog for hand and foot print art?  If so, please leave a comment with a link so we can all check them out and get more ideas!

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