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Posted By: Kristi

HAPPY FRIDAY! Isn't Friday a great day of the week? I happen to LOVE Friday. I had something else on the agenda for today but after reading Steph's last post, I decided to share a little about myself.

First, let me start by being completely honest with you. We will probably never have a better post than the last one. Sorry folks, it's true. Ok, I kid...but come on, I mean really, little Lou is perfect. She has melted my heart and it the best little friend I ever could ask for. I am in love with that girl and although she it Steph's little tot, you will definitely be hearing about her from this proud Aunt from time to time as well.

Now, a little about my peeps. I live with and am engaged to this guy.

His name is Carson and he is the cats meow. He is my best friend and makes me laugh so hard I could pee myself. I never thought anyone could make me laugh as much as Stephanie, but this guy, he is a hoot! He is also the best doggy daddy, EVER. These are our kids.


McKnight is a bit aloof but he is a smarty pants when he wants to be. He goes CRAZY when he sees kitty's outside and he is his sisters #1 fan. He loves when we tell him that he is fast and starts sprinting as fast as he can (I will share a video of this soon). He loves to help his mommy cook, clean, do crafts and any other girlie (yes, men can do this stuff too) activity. He loves kids, especially little ones.


Kloee is our little girlie girl princess and also a total tomboy. She is one smart cookie! She doesn't realize that she is a dog and really wants nothing to do with other K9's (other than her brother), they are dumb, you know. = ) She loves to swim but mostly is obsessed with balls. She is an extremely talented soccer player (I will share a video of this as well). Unlike her brother, she wants to do whatever her daddy is doing. This little girl has energy but is also always the last one out of bed and cuddles like nobodies business.

I love my little family, I am a lucky lady!

So, guess what I am doing this weekend...

YUP! I am CHOOSING to jump out of a plane and I can't wait! I want to really take it all in and enjoy the moment, so I have chosen not to be nervous. So far this has worked for me and all I feel is excitement! We'll see how I feel tomorrow. = )

Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?

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