Steph and Will

Posted By: Kristi

Since Steph just shared with you a little about her and Will, I thought this would be a good time for me to add a little something.

Steph has been my best friend since I can remember. Like myself, she hasn't always dated the right type of guy for her. I had my doubts that there would ever be a guy that would be good enough in my mind for her.

Then I met Will.

My sister has always been her same bubbly self with Will. She didn't change one bit when he was around. I liked that. She loves to cuddle and he would cuddle her right back.

Will doesn't care that my sister hogs the bed. He is patient when she calls for directions because she never Mapquests anything before leaving the house. He kills spiders for her and he is just as goofy as she is.

They have been together for what seems like forever and he still looks at my sister like she is the only girl that exists.

Not only is Will the perfect spouse for my sister but he is the perfect brother and friend to me. Will is a guy you can count on. He is honest, loving and fun.

Will has always been there for me. He has saved me when my car has broken down, changed the locks on my house when I needed them changed, stayed up late watching movies with me, cheered me on at my kickball games and much much more. Will is not just protective of my sister but he is protective of me. I appreciate this man more than I can say. He is one good guy and we are so lucky to have him as part of our family.

I definitely approve. Steph did a good job choosing a brother for me! ; )

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