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Good morning!  I can't believe I'm on here at 2:00am...I SHOULD BE SLEEPING!  Will, My Girl and I are leaving in just about an hour to go to California to visit my cousin, his wife and their 5 kids which made me think that I should tell you about when we got married.  We are going to be able to go back to San Francisco which is where we went on our honeymoon so it brings back some great memories.  Although I'm tried and crossing my fingers that our drive goes well with our girl, I'm looking forward to our quick trip to see the fam.
First I’ll start by telling you a little about our relationship and how it grew.  We first started dating March 4th, 2004 when he asked me if I would be his girlfriend and I told him “sure”.  Will and I had already talked about it a few times but I really wasn’t interested in being in a relationship at that time so I was in no hurry.  He was so sweet and funny because he would tell me when I would say no, “Okay, well just so you know I’m not going to be dating anyone else so I’m just going to keep asking you every once in a while until you say yes”.  I thought that was pretty cute that he actually wanted to date ME that much.  When I finally responded with “sure” he said “What, sure”? I laughed and explained that it was better than “NO”!
Through those years we had our ups and downs, at one point calling things off for about 2 months.  In that time we still talked just about daily and although I wanted to tell myself we weren’t going to end up back together, I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with, he was my best friend.  We eventually got back together and everything was amazing from then on.
September 2nd, 2008 Will proposed to me with the ring that had belonged to his mom.  She passed when he was very young so it was such an honor to receive that ring from him.

 The center part with the diamonds was hers, we added the two bands to the outside so that we could personalize it for us as well.

April 18th, 2009 we got married at the Acadian Ballroom, it was such a perfect location, perfect day, and brought perfect memories.  We joke and say we want to get married again just because it was such an amazing day and a really fun wedding that went by way to fast!  When people say that on your wedding day you need to take a minute to just breathe, look around and take it all in, it is so true.  Listen to that advice!

April 19th, 2010 we left Portland, OR to go on our honeymoon in San Francisco, CA.  We went there because we were actually able to go spend a few days with flight for about the same cost it would have been to go to the beach for a few days.  We were trying to save money and I’m so glad we ended up going there.  We had asked our really good friend, who is a family member now above all else, to decide where we were going on our honeymoon and where we were going to stay.  I’m SO HAPPY with how it all turned out.  Thanks again Matty!

 This is the lobby of the hotel.  We had just arrived, put our bags in our room and were immediately enjoying our all you can drink free wine.  YUMMY!

I might as well go on and tell you a little more about our story, although this was just about the fact that we are going back to San Francisco during our trip to our family in San Jose, CA.
After we got married we immediately started not preventing pregnancy.  We didn’t want to really “try” but we didn’t want to prevent it from happening.  October 14th, 2009 we found out we were going to have a baby!  I had taken a test I happened to have in the bathroom, not expecting a result other than negative.  My period had been very unpredictable and I had no reason to believe I was pregnant.  I’m not sure why I took the test that day, but as I grabbed it from the counter before I walked out, not really giving it much of a glance I saw something I hadn’t seen before…TWO LINES!  I took it to Will who was still sleeping before work and made him read it; sure enough it said I was pregnant.  I then took another test at the lab later on to make sure, yep, still pregnant.  WOW that was a crazy feeling!
June 13th, 2010 we went in to be induced.  My midwife was predicting that she was going to be over 10 lbs if we waited until due date which was a week away, and wanting to prevent c-section we went in to induce early.  June 14th, 2010 our girl was born at 11:15am at 9lbs 6oz.  What a magical day!

This is our girl's first week home.

So overall, I’m married to my best friend who I’ve been with going on 8 years, married 2 years, we have an amazing daughter together and we couldn’t be happier!

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