Introducing My Girl...

Posted By:  Stephanie

(Please excuse the fact that everything is centered, my computer is having a malfunction and wont let me change that.)

Hello and happy Friday!

I realized this morning that I hadn't properly introduced my girl to you.  You will see her referred to as My Girl (by me) or Lou, Little Lou, or any other version with the name Lou in it from Kristi who is My Girl's Auntie Bubba.

My Girl is 14 months at this time, she turned 1 on June 14th.  She had sugar for the first time on her birthday, and as you can see above, she loved it!

She is so sweet and has the softest skin, I can't help but give her lots and lots of kisses daily!

My Girl has her own idea of how the world should operate.  She doesn't agree with sitting forward in a shopping cart, so when she is being such a good helper at the Fabric Depot like she is above, she sits her own way and says "hi" to everyone who walks by.

She thinks she is at least 2 and wants to drink out of a big girl cup when we go out to eat.  This would be okay but she is indeed 14 months and tries to throw it on the floor from time to time, that could be very messy if I didn't have mommy reflexes and catch the darn thing.

She is my partner in crime, even goes to the bathroom with me.  What a nice thing she does for her mommy right?  But seriously, whoever invented this seat in the bathroom is pure genius!

You will see many more pictures of her and hear lots of stories, but I thought I would give you a proper introduction to start off with.


  1. I LOVE your girl and we should really see each other more often! Laurel misses her BFF :)

  2. Thank you, I LOVE your girl too, she is such a sweet, fun little girl. I think we should plan something very soon, we still haven't gone to the zoo together!


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