Toddler Tuesday - Potato Stamps

Posted By: Stephanie

Here's the deal, I LOVE having fun with my daughter with different arts, crafts and activities but I don't always have a new idea of my own to do with her.  Kristi and I thought you may have the same problem from time to time so we are going to do the research for all of us, or just share ideas that we've picked up along the way from others.  Every Tuesday we will have a "Toddler Tuesday" post that will be directed at ages 12 months and older.  If you have kids that are no longer toddlers, keep your eye out anyway, there will be crafts like this one that your older child, or even you will have fun with.  Without further ado, we bring to you.....POTATO STAMPS!

1.  Each potato will make 2 stamps, wash as many potatoes as you want getting all the dirt off keeping in mind how many stamps/shapes you are going to be making (or assisting your little one).

2.  Cut a clean line down the middle of each potato.

3.  Let your child either draw onto the potato directly, or have them draw on a piece of paper what design they want their stamp to be and let them know you will cut out the design and trace it onto the potato for them.  You know, like you would do when "they" are going to carve a pumpkin.  You can also let them choose cookie cutters that they want the design to be, press it into the potato and then cut around that shape.

4.  Using a knife, cut around the design.  The shape needs to protrude from the potato about 1/4 inch. 

* In case you forgot, knifes are extremely sharp, please do not let your child do this unless you are supervising them VERY carefully.  Keep the knife out of their reach once you are done cutting, we are not responsible for any injuries = ) *

5.  Now for the fun part, either use poster paint if stamping on paper or poster, or use fabric paint if they are going to be stamping on a T-Shirt, pillowcase or some other kind of fabric.  Dip the stamp into the paint and then onto the object getting stamped.  You may want to have them practice a few times on a scrap piece of paper to see how much ink is needed.  I suggest putting the paint onto a paper place, or a plate that is easily washable, not on a cutting board as shown in the picture above.

6.  You can reuse the stamps, trying out different colors of paint after washing all paint off with cold water and drying completely.

This would be a great craft to do with your kids around the holidays, they can stamp cards and send them to family with a picture of them, or let them make a T-Shirt for themselves, they will love sporting their art around town.

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