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Hello! I survived! ; ) Saturday was my first skydiving experience, I decided that I would share details with you, in case you were thinking of giving it a try.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was not nervous. I kept waiting for my nerves to take control but for some reason they never did. The entire morning I was so excited and could not wait to get there and get going. I was scheduled to be at the jump location at 1:00. Carson went with me, we arrived on time. Once we got there they gave me a bunch of paperwork to fill out, it took about 15 min. to complete. Once completed you wait for them to call your name and then go to the backroom with a small group into a classroom environment. Here you learn what you are supposed to do, practice poses and complete the rest of the paperwork. This only took about 20 min., everything went by quickly.

At this time I was just waiting for them to call my name again, but this time to get suited up. This is when my Mom, Dad, Samantha, Stephanie, Will and Little Lou showed up. It was so nice of them to all show up to watch. My name was eventually called and I went to another backroom. I met Stevo, the guy I would be connected to and he made sure I was suited up correctly and ready to go. It was only about ten minutes after this that we all got on the small plane.

Once we all got on the plane we sat in two straight lines, the length of the plane. We each straddled the person in front of us. If you are someone who needs a space bubble, you would hate this! You are basically cuddling with a bunch of strangers. Thankfully, I am a cuddler so it didn't bother me at all. The entire time we were flying Stevo was behind me making sure I was all connected and ready to go. He gave me a few tips and asked if I wanted to do flips. I was still waiting to get nervous, I couldn't understand why I felt so calm about this. Honestly, if felt like I did this everyday, I didn't understand this feeling. I explained to him that we could do flips or anything else, I was ready to really experience this and wanted to fit as much in as possible. We were in the back of the plane so we were the last ones out. You know how usually when you are waiting in line it feels like the line moves so slow? Well, when you are in line to jump out of the plane, there is no time to waste. They want to make sure we are all somewhat in the same location so when the person in front of you jumps, you have to be ready to be right behind them and jump quickly. I just knew that I would freak out a little once I was about to jump but I didn't, I looked over the edge and just went for it. I felt no nerves, no adrenaline rush, no butterflies...nothing! It was a beautiful experience to be that high and being able to fly was pretty dang sweet! The fall was about a minute long (hands down the best part) and then your parachute goes up and you float for about six minutes. This part is pretty too but I had parasailed before which felt the same. The only negative about the experience was the straps between my legs....ouch!

I have to admit, I am a little bummed that I didn't get to experience the adrenaline rush I always hear about. So many people say that for about a week after this experience they are on a natural high, I don't feel that. Don't get me wrong, it was a great experience and I am so happy I did it. I am lucky that Carson really listens to me and knows me well enough to surprise me with this gift for my Birthday last year. I am also really lucky that even though I felt fearless throughout this entire experience that Carson was sick to his stomach and worried for me the entire time. What a sweetie, I definitely felt very loved.

I think everyone should experience this at least once. Really, it is gorgeous!

Thanks to my family who came to support me! I am so fortunate to have you and to know that whatever adventure I choose to endeavour you will be right there by my side.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you loved it! Patrick was really bummed that he couldn't go with you. Stupid school. :(

  2. I am sure he would have loved it! I am really happy I did it too! = )

  3. People kept saying that they wouldn't be able to watch their child jump. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you! I was soooo excited for you and so happy to be there to watch. The worst part was thinking we wouldn't make it on time. THAT made me sick!


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