T-Shirt Bag Tutorial

Posted By:  Stephanie

I was putting away laundry today when I remembered that the last time I wore this shirt to work out I didn't like the length of it on me so I decided to make a bag out of it instead of putting it in my drawer.  I am going to give you step by step instructions on how to make a T-Shirt bag, it is SO simple!

Here is the final outcome with stuff in the bag. 
Read below for step by step directions.

Step One:
Lay out T-Shirt

Step Two:
Cut off sleeves, you can measure and mark, I eyeballed it instead.

Step Three:
Cut the neckline so that it has a bigger opening for your things to go into the bag. 

Step Four:
Put the bag wrong side out and cut off the bottom hem of the T-Shirt

Step Five:
Sew the bottom of the bag.  I used my serger because it was out and also because I love it so I use it any chance I get.  You can use a regular sewing machine just the same.

Here is a view once the bottom is sewn closed.

Step Six:
Put the bag right side out and enjoy. 

If you choose to go to the seventh step you can do what I did and serge the handles and the opening.  If you are using a regular sewing machine you wont be doing this which is fine and not necessary, I just thought it gave the bag a little something extra.

You can use this bag for anything and everything.  This bag is easily stored so it is a great grocery bag or a bag for travel if you are going to want to have a bag to play at the hotel pool.  Can you tell I'm dreaming of a vacation?


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