Toddler Tuesday - I Spy Scavenger Hunt

Posted By:  Stephanie

Wow, I can't believe it's Tuesday again already!  Today we are going to talk about an activity that will be fun for kids of many ages.  I'm calling this an I Spy Scavenger Hunt, because you can play this two different ways, so why not mix two different names together, right?

For this game you will need cards with different colors on them, the best way to do this is to pick up a few paint swatches (another opportunity to re-purpose something) when you are at the store next.  Kids love this section of the store, so allow them be involved (if you have a few spare minutes) and let them pick a few colors themselves.  Of course, you can use swatches you already have around the house, or have your friends and family save them for you too.

I love looking at paint swatches!

With this game there are two ways to play:

1.  I Spy, this is where you will hold up a paint chip the color of something you see.  You will tell your child "I spy with my little eye something (insert color here)" and hold up the paint chip.  They will then see the color, hear the color and then get a chance to look for something that is that same color which will be fun but also a great learning opportunity.  You can then turn the tables and have your child pick the card and have them tell you "I spy with my little eye something (and you help them with the color name)" and they hold up the paint chip that matches something they see.  If they are young enough and aren't sure what the object does that they have chosen, make sure to use this as a learning opportunity to talk about what they have chosen once you find it as well.

* You can set a limit of how many guesses before the other person tells what the object is.  This will make things a little less frustrating for both of you.  Count together holding up your fingers. *

2.  Scavenger Hunt, this is where you will give them a color chip and tell them to look for something that matches that color.  You can do this in a specific room, around the house, out on a walk, in the yard, or even better, keep these in your purse and play the game while you are waiting at the doctor's office.  This will keep them busy while waiting for an appointment and they will learn at the same time.  Once they find the object that matches the color, you can talk about the color, and the object they found.  You can also let them pick the color, or even have a few of them grouped together on a ring and look for all colors.  Be creative, that's part of the fun!

Have fun with all the color possibilities!

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  1. This is such a clever idea! I love doing scavenger hunts with my little guy.

    PS You asked about SYTYC on my site, I couldn't find an email for you so I will answer here. Hope you don't mind. It's an internet contest found at :D

  2. Thank you! My girl and I went to lunch with my sister today (the one who I do this blog with) and because of this post she has paint swatches in her purse to play with her. I thought that was pretty cute.

    As far as the email goes, we will post our email soon, we are having issues getting our email with our domain name, so no, I don't mind you responding here at all! Thank you for the information on the SYTYC, I hope you make it!

    Hope to be linking up to your site next week!

    By the way, we are going to be giving out $30 gift cards to Amazon once we reach 50, 150, 300 and 500 followers, you will be entered now and for the following drawings as well. Tell your friends to enhance your chances to win!


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