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Last night was date night, we went to see the movie Crazy Stupid Love. I am really happy that this is the movie we chose, it helped me understand some stuff in my personal life a bit better.

Some of you may already know, Steph and I's parents divorced within the last year. Our parents have always gotten along really well and although divorce was the right decision for them, some days are understandably more challenging for the two of them, especially because they get along so well. Being that Steph and I are adults now, we are very much in tune with their emotions. We love our parents and because we love them we can tell when the day has been tough on them. It is no longer the same as when we were little and they could just tell us everything was just fine and we would move on. We now know to ask more questions until they finally share what is on their mind. We know that ultimately they will have fewer days that are challenging and that life has great things in store for them but we also understand that meanwhile, what they are experiencing is new and that everything wont feel a bit more normal with just a blink of the eye.

Our parents were married for twenty-eight years, have three kids together, have shared many memorable experiences, a variety of challenges and have a lifetime of stories. It is only natural that they will always share a bond that nobody else can ever understand. Crazy Stupid Love has a great way of reminding us of this. Parents aren't just parents, they are two people who were crazy, stupidly in love. Now, although they are moving on, they will always share inside jokes, hold on to memories that nobody else know of or understand and sometimes they may even catch the others eye and wont be able to help but think about the good ol' days and smile. 

It is our parents that have shown us that this kind of crazy stupid love is worth fighting for. It is worth fighting for when life gets challenging and is worth holding on tighter to through heartache.  In the end, this love is one of a kind. This kind of love is special and will always hold a special place in your heart. Our parents fought for this kind of love for twenty-eight years and we are proud of them. We are also so proud that they knew when to no longer fight but they have stayed friends the entire time. Not very many people can do that and for this, we are proud.

I definitely recommend this movie. Even though this movie touched me for personal reasons it also had me laughing at some very hysterical moments and it didn't hurt that I got to check out hottie Ryan Gosling's sexy body! ; ) I hope you enjoy it too!


  1. Wow Pookette, wow. You are amazing and I love you so much. Without a doubt, I am so proud of you and the way you see life. XO

  2. I saw that movie a few days ago, and thought of your Mom and Dad constantly throughout. Was going to tell your Mom about it when we get together this weekend. I love Steve Carell, and have a new fav....Ryan "OMG" Gosling. Loved the movie. Love you more. You are an amazing person, Kristi. Mwaaaah!

  3. Oh! And anonymous is Janelle. Haha. I didn't know how else to do it. Anonymous dumbass. That's me!

  4. i LOVE this post. i LOVE your parents. and i LOVE you. <3


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