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Thanks to some cool chicks at work, I have been obsessed with quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah). It is YUMMY and healthy, love it!

Quinoa is gluten free, will help you stay lean and is a good carbohydrate. Finally, a ricey, pasta like carb that you don't have to stay away from! It is hard to tell but it is actually a relative of leafy green vegetables, like spinach.

I buy my quinoa from Costco and it looks like this.

I cook it on the stove following the directions on the package (super easy). To add flavor I cook it with chicken flavoring (Sarah, a friend, gave me this tip..actually she told me about all of this, THANKS). Bullion cubes work too, this is just all Whole Foods had and that is where I needed to pick up some other stuff so I just bought it. I do love it though so I might just stick with it.
Once the quinoa has finished cooking, I cut up green, red, yellow, orange peppers and cucumbers in very small pieces and add them to the quinoa and mix it all up. Lastly, I add in some feta cheese. 

This is yummy hot but is my absolute favorite the next day at lunch when it is nice and cold. I hope you like it!

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