Animal Pancakes

Posted By:  Stephanie

See this girl?  She is funny and creative.  She needed a place to sit in her toy corner (yes that is a fireplace gate thing covering the DVDs, it's "temporary") so she sat on top of her wooden house that you put shapes in the roof of.  I thought that was pretty clever.

I've been wanting to make fun shaped pancakes for that funny girl above so I've been collecting metal cookie cutters for my pancake project.  I first tried cooking them in the cookie cutter.

First spray the pan so the pancakes don't stick.  I should have sprayed the cookie cutters too but didn't think of that until it was to late.

Poor batter into cookie cutters.

Cook until time to flip.  I would suggest a very thin layer of batter, I made them a little thick so they didn't cook the way I would have liked.

Once they are done pop them out of the cookie cutters.  We have a pig and a dog here, doggies are her FAVORITE animal.  If she sees or hears a dog, or hears someone talking about a dog she immediately starts panting yelling "DOGGY!"

We weren't thrilled with the outcome of the cooking of the pancake in the cookie cutter (although we will be doing some further testing) so Will tried it himself.  This time he cooked the pancake like normal.

Pushed the cookie cutter into the pancake.

He was able to get two out of this one, lucky guy.  ; )

Pull the pancake from around the cut shape, in this case two pigs.

I think they turned out great!  Our girl liked them but I think she needs to be a little older to really appreciate them.  Will and I were impressed though, we both ate one and I'm convinced they taste better in the shape of an animal.

What foods do you make in a fun shape for your kids?


  1. I always do pancakes in shapes for the kids. I will freehand cut them or use various sized circles to build animals by putting circles together. You can also put batter in a squirt bottle and squirt it out to make letters or thin lines for building animals :)

    new follower!

  2. That is a great idea! We will give it a try! I am heading over to your blog now, thanks for following!


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