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Posted By:  Stephanie

I have some great tips for you today!  I found these while reading the magazine First For Woman that was given to me by my amazing Granny K.  Hopefully these tips are new to you too.

Genius way to use expired sunscreen:

Instead of tossing expired sunscreen use it as shaving cream.  The thick formula will provide a barrier that prevents razor burn.  An extra plus to using sunscreen as shaving cream is that most sunscreens have soothing moisturizing properties.

Effortlessly wipe away water rings:

Have you had people over and in the places where you've strategically placed coasters it seems your guest did not notice, leaving you dreaded water rings?  I have a fix for you, rubbing alcohol!  Soak a rag in the liquid, wring it out and use it to lightly dab the stains until they disappear, do not vigorously scrub.  Robbing alcohol will penetrate the damaged varnish of the table and quickly evaporate, “dissolving” the water stains in minutes.

Ensure your child’s shoelaces stay tied:

Has your child learned to tie their shoes but haven’t mastered the double knot so their shoes are always coming untied?  Sprinkle a little water on the laces before tying them.  As the water dries the lace will expand to make the knot tighter, keeping your little one safe all day long.

Get shower door tracks gleaming:

Do you have the problem where you look down while getting out of the shower and you notice your shower door tracks could use some attention but you aren’t sure how to get in those spall spaces?  Spray your favorite all purpose cleaner into the tracks and let sit for a few minutes.  When you are ready to clean use a screwdriver and wrap a soft cloth around the end and quickly rub back and forth in the tracks.  The cleaner will loosen the built up dirt, dust and soap residue making it easy to scrub it away.  The screwdrivers narrow tip will easily fit into the tight spaces your fingers can’t reach.

Safely pick up glass shards:

You are putting away the last plate when emptying the dishwasher and you drop it.  You are able to collect and discard all of the big pieces but the little shards still remain.  Lightly moisten one side of a slice of bread and wipe the floor wet side down.  The damp sticky slice will attract and lift every last bit of glass, safely clearing the floor.

Do you have a super awesome tip for us?  Please share!


  1. I'm going to try the water ring one!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday, I am following back. I love these tips, I had seen a tip for getting glass bits off the floor using a Q-tip but the bread idea is so much easier and covers more ground, a Q-tip is too small.

  3. Wow, a Q-tip would take FOREVER!

  4. These are great tips!!
    Found you via the thursday friends and giveaways!

  5. This are amazing tips! Thanks for following.. just followed back and am excited to catch up on some of your posts! xo

  6. I am definitely trying that shoelace trick!

  7. Whoa!! this is such a helpful post. I need to get my shower doors sparkling :)
    Lovely Little Rants

  8. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from the hop. Am your newest follower. liz

  9. Hi there!! You have one the Liebster Award :)

  10. Love the sunscreen tip. We always end up with expired sunscreen. Following you back. Thanks for visiting

  11. Wish I knew the water ring trick a few months ago when I accidentally left one on my moms antique side table! Oops, but good thing she figured out how to remove it!

  12. ps, I just passed along an award to you ladies :)

  13. Thank you to our new followers for coming by! We will be returning the gesture!

    Elizabeth and Lay - Thank you for the awards!

    Jessica - I feel like I need to do the shoelace trick for myself sometimes haha!

    Candance - I agree, sparkling showers are a must but a pain when you have to get into the shower tracks!

    Vicky - So do I, I was happy to find this tip too so that I don't have to throw them out anymore.

    Bree - OH NO! I bet you were feeling pretty bad about that, I'm glad your mom was able to fix it!


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