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Hello! Sorry I am posting so late, I was sharing my computer with Carson for a bit tonight. I got the remote control in return. = )

This weekend was WONDERFUL! Carson and I went to the beach with Carson's sister and brother in-law.

MaLissa and Josh are incredibly fun to be around, we enjoy every minute we are around them. The beach was gorgeous! The sun shined both days we were there.

We returned on Sunday and spent some time relaxing. Today I woke up feeling very relaxed for the first day of my new job. The day went great, I really think I am going to be happy at my new place of employment. I work with some great people and everyone made me feel welcome.

Now that I have had my first day I feel like life is a little bit more normal. I need to get back to working on the house. One area that I would like to continue working on is our back door area. We enter and exit the house here most often and I would like it to be a bit more cohesive. Our guests seem to gravitate towards this door too so I want it to be more welcoming. I have started working on it but that is about it.

The tall wall by the door used to be empty. I wanted somewhere to hang coats, my purse, etc. So I decided to build a built in shelf.

This shelf is sturdy and is not going anywhere. I didn't take pictures as I was making it but if you want a step by step tutorial let me know.

I love how some of the hooks open and shut so that when they are closed they look like they are more of a decoration then a hook.

I bought all of the hooks at Ikea. You can find them here and here.

Here are my ideas of what I plan to do next.
I am finding that choosing a paint color is very challenging. This area connects to both the kitchen and the basement so whatever color I choose has to be a color that will compliment both areas. Decisions, decisions... 

I hope you all had a nice weekend and that your Monday was as great as mine.

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