My Friend Ms Vinegar

Posted By:  Stephanie

My best shopping buddy and I went on a trip to the store for some groceries, but before we would forget we stopped off first at the vinegar.

We went all out and got a big ol' thing of vinegar.  We actually ended up putting this one back and getting an even bigger one that cost just over $2 and will last us a long time.  Nice price huh?

See how My Girl has a blanket on her bed and not a sheet?  That's because in the middle of the night she woke up so I went to sooth her and change her diaper while I was there, which is our regular routine.  Once again I found that her diaper had already leaked so we had a quick clean up so I didn't have to fight with the sheet in the middle of the night.  This girl sure knows how to fill a diaper in her sleep.  If this was an Olympic even, she would totally win!

{No, I did not put her in her crib like this, I went to check on her in the morning and this is what I found.}

{Please notice in the picture below that her big toe is hanging onto the rail.}

This bed wetting problem is where the vinegar comes in.  I keep vinegar with my laundry detergent at all times (laundry detergent courtesy of my WAY awesome sister) so that when I'm dealing with "nasty" laundry I can put about 1/4 cup in the wash with the detergent to get everything REALLY clean and take away any smell that may have wanted to linger.  My friend Ms Vinegar is always there for me, like a good friend should be.  She never lets me down.

Ms Vinegar is good at scaring away ants and cleaning around the house.  With my friend Ms Vinegar the possibilities are endless!  It's almost like she's famous or something because there's an entire site called 1001 uses for White Distilled Vinegar.  Go check it out here!

What do you use Vinegar for?


  1. Good to know! We were having the leaky diaper prob for awhile so I started getting those overnight diapers and haven't had a problem since... now if I can only get her to sleep through the entire night.. lol

    New follower from Blogoholic =)

  2. Thanks for following! I haven't tried the overnight diapers, I will have to do that because this is getting a little crazy! I'm going to head on over to your blog so I can check out your girl! Thanks for the tip.

  3. We use white vinegar for cleaning, diaper laundry, and in tons of science and art projects (coloring noodles, etc.) :) Following back! Love the site :)

  4. Hi!! I am hopping by from the Thursday’s Friends Cafe. I am your newest GFC Follower. I hope that you can stop by and follow me too. You have a great site!! Keep up the great work. Thanks, Erin
    Also, Deb's Dealz and I host a daily blog hop and we are running a month long boo hop. Come on over and link up!!

  5. Tina, diaper laundry is a good one! I would love to know what science and art projects those are, I'm going to have to explore your blog and see if it's on there!

    Erin - We'll have to link up, thank you!


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