I never realized...

Posted By: Kristi

I never realized that being an Aunt could be so rewarding and fulfilling. I knew that I had so much love for my sister and that I would love her child but I never realized how much, not until the day Little Lou was born. 

It was truly love at first sight.

I never realized that not only would I love this little girl but my love for my sister would grow stronger. Who knew this was even possible. From day one my sister was the best Mommy. I only hope that I can be as great as her someday.

Lou started getting bigger and she would smile and laugh at me. She started to recognize me when I came in the door and she began to cuddle me closer. I never realized that something so small would make my heart melt.

Soon after, she learned how to give kisses and would plant them right on me. She would slobber all over my face while doing it. I loved it, slobber and all. I never realized that slobber and spit up could be so cute.

When she learned how to talk she would yell my name, "Bubba" and call me on the phone daily and say "muah, mauh, muah!"  I remember giddily waiting by the phone when I was younger for a crush to call but I never realized that a phone call from my adorable niece would be so much better.

Now, when I have to say goodbye to my best gal, she starts to cry. I thought this would make me feel special but what I never realized is that I would actually feel like crying myself. I always want to make my sweetie happy, I never want to break her little heart.

I never realized that I could love this little girl so much. Sometimes I wonder if I will be able to love my own children even close to the amount that I love Little Lou. Everyone tells me I will but I am not sure that they realize...

this girl holds a HUGE place in my heart.


  1. She's gorgeous...and lucky to have such a loving aunt :) Thanks for linking up at our Lots of Lovin' blog hop. Hope you'll link up again next week. I'm now following you and would love for you to follow back!


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  4. Nevermind... lol... now following!!! :D

  5. I COMPLETELY understand how you feel. I adore my 4 year old nephew and I would move mountains for him. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to cry when you leave her & she gets upset. What a special bond you will always have with her. Have fun with her and cherish every moment. She's a cutie :-)

  6. Thanks for the comment, Rebecca! A nephew sounds like a ton of fun too! I am hoping Steph gives me one of those soon. ; )

  7. Thanks to the new followers, I will be stoping by your blog soon!

    Candice, thank you!

  8. Awww such cute pictures!! :)
    Thanks for the follower. I am giving you the love back :)
    -The Ladies Lounge


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